Saturday, October 1, 2011

le desastre

So....this one day i decided i was going to bake a cake.  And not just any cake.  This was a most deliciously moist creation from Kierin Baldwin, pastry chef at The Dutch in NYC (bon appetit).    It was supposed to be Devil's Food cake with this nummy frosting.....
Here's what i did wrong.  See i did the usual butter the pans and then put a round of parchment paper in the bottom of the cake pans.  Good to go right?.....wrong!!!  I made the cake the night before and thought it would be just fine to put them in the freezer overnight. this would have worked if i was working with my old freezer.  But my parents decided to get a new fridge and the bottom freezer actually freezes food.  This is why i had my next problemo.  I got up the next morning thinking this is going to be a most awesome cake....not.  As the above photo shows you i had a hard time getting it out of the @*%$#! pan :)  The butter that i nicely buttered the pan with had frozen to the parchment paper.  I created many a dent in those stupid pans trying to get the cake out because i was bound and determined to put this cake together!
I ended up taking it to work and it was eaten, so i guess it tasted ok? haha.  But you know nurses.  They'll kind of just eat whatever is sitting in the break room ;) I always have a hard time with these super moist cakes without it completely freezing to the pan itself.  Next time i'm not going to effing freeze anything!!  Dumb new fangled fridge.  Why!?!  Why must you be so cold.  I finished off the broken layers with this awesome frosting where you pour hot syrup into beaten egg whites (that will definitely be a future post.)  Oh my IMCers.  Thank you for being my guinea pigs! It is most appreciated.

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