Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Cookies

I feel as though my own tradition is starting.  This December was the second year that I made a bajillion cookies for Christmas presents.  I LoVE it!!  I'm practically in the kitchen all day with music playing covered in flour and butter.  It's great.  Last year I experimented with a ton of different cookies.  Which was time consuming considering I choose to do everything at the last minute.  But with all that crazy experimenting it did give me a chance to pick out which ones I wanted to make this year. 

 The final line-up (insert drum roll here): chocolate thumbprint cookies (this dough is amazing. like as in I wouldn't think twice about eating the whole batch of dough and inducing a severe food coma), pecan pie cookies (equally as addicting), and butter cookies (pretty much butter, flour, and sugar *sigh*).  I was only in the kitchen for about 6 hours this time.  I finally finished baking everything and put them in pretty boxes.  It's equally as fun giving them out seeing friends faces ;).  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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  1. These look amazing Sarah! When do I get to be a recipient of your delicious baking??? :) XOXOXO